Frequently Asked Questions

Are color consultations extra or part of any painting project with Spruce Painting?

Many clients have an idea as to what colors they would like to use. We're happy to discuss and follow your ideas. However for those who are looking for advice or direction on how to change or enhance a space through use of color, a consultation fee will be applied. This can be included in the estimate when requested.

How much preparation do I need to do before your crew arrives to paint?

Different clients have different needs. For interior jobs, if you need us to take care of moving all the furniture, wall hangings, etc. as part of the preparation for painting, we are happy to do that for a fee. However, if you are interested in taking care of that aspect of the job yourself, your estimate will reflect that you are committing to completing that part of the work. For exterior jobs, we take great care in preserving gardens or other landscaped areas.

There are so many different finishes of paint. Which are the most practical? 

Flat paint has no visible sheen to it and is the least washable surface. Egg shell paint has a matte finish and is very washable. Satin paint has a slight sheen to it and is more washable than a flat. Low-luster paint is very similar to a satin finish and is just as washable. Semi-gloss paint has a noticeable sheen to it and is very washable and even scrubbable but not recommended for all surfaces due to the sheen.